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Changing The Way The World Thinks About Energy



Our mission is to bring you a new way 

of using solar energy with a different approach and a new method of tailor-made client support.


We'll take care of everything for you, from permitting to powering up. We'll gather remote aerial imagery of your property once you place your order, design your system, handle any necessary permits, and arrange your installation.

man working in a sollar cell up on the roof


Savings Report
The Solar Savings Report gives you everything you need to know about your solar savings potential. You’ll see how solar system works, get a custom panel layout, an estimated yearly production as well as a new estimated bill. You’ll also get a peek at incentives, 25 years savings, and a whole lot more.

Approval Process
We want to make sure that you get the right solar experience. We’ll help you decide what loan product and payment fits better for you and your budget. You’ll then fill out a quick application and most approvals come back as soon as we send them out. No need to wait.

No one likes reading through and signing thousands of documents for what feels like hours. We’ll quickly walk you through some required installation and loan documentation that will need your signature. Most can be signed electronically and we make this step as painless and seamless as possible.

Site Survey
With documents signed it’s time to get your new system dialed in. Site surveys can often be done by your representative who will take some photos around your home. Our team will make sure to get it all set up on a schedule that works for you.

Final Design and Permit
After the site survey a final engineered design, known as a CAD, will be created for your roof. The CAD is designed in accordance with all regulations required by the state and local utility company to make sure we don’t run into any issues or roadblocks.
Once the CAD is approved your permitting applications are finished and we’ll submit the final plans.

Once those permits are received we’re ready to install your new solar system. We’ll work with you to find an installation date that fits your schedule. And here is the best part; most systems are finished in one day!

Once your new solar system is installed we’ll submit for Permission to Operate, or PTO, with your utility company.
Once the approval comes through you are free to flip the switch and start producing your own power.

Ready to start saving with Vale Enterprise?

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